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   "As of 11/25/2013"

Gary Adams...1999

Will Barley

John Thomas Bartley

Larry Bateman

Robert Benson  

 Gordon Bryant...1996

Julious Bullock

Milton Bunn

William Burton

John Thomas Casey...1991

Joseph “Skeeter” Chaffers... 2011

Gordon Collinge

 Florene Gangoware Cooperider...2009

Peter Couchman…2002

Caryl Chrisman

Gerald "Buddy" Crosmer 12/6/06

Fredrick Cunningham

Frances Dawson... 1991

 Donna Jo Elliott Day....2009

Robert Dodge…1999

David DuPar

Janet Arlyne Gallagher Doyle... 1994

Imogene Elliott

Carol Runge Enmark...2010

Dennis Garside…2004

Robert Genc, 2009 

Kathy Strauss (Schoerner) Gifford, 2012

Clara Melton Fele...1999

Leonard Friend…2001

Dennis Garside 10/1/2005

Eric Gay

Winston Gee

Phyllis Elaine Gensel 1986

Lee Giberson... 1999

Jim Gilbert…1985

Paul Gillette

Roger Dale Glidden…2006

Charles Grant 2004

Beverly Grechanuch circa 1975

Harlan Hanson 12/13/2005

James Hector... 2004

Wes Jacobi 12/23/13

Lloyd Johnson, DDS...2011

Gary J. Jones

Janet Pierce Knowland...2011

Roy Andrew Koski... 1976

Howard Krisvoy...2011

Kathleen Marie La Forge

Jerry Michael Lane... 1968

Darlene Larr Brown                Gordon Bryant...1996

Harold Ronald Legg... 1997

Shirley Lemmon Briggs…1998

Thomas Sinclair Livingstone... 1996

Robert Long, MAD Mathematics Teacher… 2003

James Hugh Lynch... 1994

Donald Manning…1990

Robert Mazzolini

Bernard James McBride…2002

Larry McCoy…2004

Lois Miller Mann…2006….question as to whether this is Lois Miller

Annette Milton Roon…2003


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William Steinbrenner 5/12/2005

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Marilyn Mae Thomas…1955?…the first to go   

Robert "Bob" Tope...7/8/2010

Roy Unrau

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Albert Velasquez… 1994

Willa Waggoner Olsen…5/1/06

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Gary Duffy Walker...2009

Robert Walsh…7/14/2011





'54  "The Luckiest Generation"


Bruce & Mariellen Staller  Co-Editors…email your stories, pics and comments to


MAD’54 for January 7, 2014


Welcome to the page that celebrates the lives of the unbeatable, best ever class to graduate from Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte High, the Class of 1954.


A Happy and Healthy 2014 to all the ’54 MAD-GRADS who remain with us. 


Having said that, we are sorry to report the passing of Kathy Strauss (Schoerner) Gifford in 2012.  Who will send us info on Kathy’s life for the webpage?


Wes Jacobi left us on 12/23/2013 after a battle with cancer.  And who will send us info on Wes’s life for the webpage?  Thank you.



Saddened to report that Joseph “Skeeter” Chaffers passed away in 2011.  We have no other information.

But happy to report that all is well with Barbara Prior Jameson and husband, Jim ’53.  Both are retired and living in Colorado.  Barbara is pursuing her interest in genealogy.  Reach them at


MAD’54 for Nov 16, 2013…

Welcome to the page that celebrates the lives of the unbeatable, best ever class to graduate from Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte High, the Class of 1954.

 FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!   Save the dates, the ’54 reunion committee has met several times this year and has finally set the dates for our 60th  Reunion.  October 3rd and 4th, 2014.  We plan to invite members of ’53 and ’55 and  for that matter other class alumni who want to mingle with the best MAD had to offer.  Save the dates.  And, please, plan on attending.  It won’t be the same without you.


 A no-host Cocktail Get Together at the Double Tree Hotel, Monrovia.  You and your spouse or significant other can take the edge off the wear and tear of getting here safely.  Begin the social intercourse that makes our reunions so memorable.  And at our age “social” is all most of us can consider.


 Nostalgia will reign  as we tour the newly refurbished and enlarged MHS campus.  You won’t believe it ‘til you see it.  Old buildings look like new.  New buildings looking like Wow!  A football stadium with an all-weather track and an auditorium that would do New York City theater goers proud.  And speaking of football, perhaps  attend the Friday night varsity game at MHS once we know next year’s schedule.  Oh! The Wildcats won the first of their CIF playoff game by last night defeating Sierra Canyon High 62 to 10.


 A buffet dinner and open bar at an old, posh Arcadia landmark.  Plenty of time to renew old acquaintances and, perhaps, make some new ones.  Time to take photos of friends and share photos of times past.  And time to feel the sadness that goes with learning who is no longer among us after 60 years.


 Your committee consisting of Buz Buster, Ray Infantino, Larry Cullinane, Gene Bishop’53, Enid Arozena Busser, Bob Huntington, Duane Gray ‘53,  and Bruce & Mariellen Matthews Staller has met and discussed the preliminary when, where, what and whos of our upcoming reunion. 

 In about two weeks we will have the Reunion Schedule nailed down.   AND THEN WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT. 


 We need your current address, phone # and email and also those of any other alums with whom you may be in touch or know whom have passed.   And please give us your most creative feedback and ideas for our 60th reunionwhich we all hope will be our best ever.


 Email your info to Mariellen Staller at or snailmail to her at 3229 Elda St., Duarte, CA 91010.


We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you....Bruce & Mariellen Staller

 P.S. The dates are firm, so you may wish to make reservations at the Double Tree Hotel, Monrovia where we have a block of 40 rooms reserved.   Call 626-357-1900




Please give of your most creative feedback and ideas for our 60th reunion together with your current address, phone and email and those of any other alums with whom you may be in touch.


Email your info to Mariellen Staller at or snailmail to her at 3229 Elda St., Duarte, CA 91010.

We look forward to hearing from you about what we all hope will be our best ever Reunion.  Thank you.




Old stuff
It Was The Very Best of Times…
Nostalgia reigned at our M.A.D, 55th Reunion held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd thru 5th.
Your committee invited members of the classes of ’53, ’54 and ’55. 

Many thanks to our Reunion Committee of Bob Huntington, Gene Bishop, fearless leader Ray Infantino, Enid Arozena Busser, Larry Cullinane, Mariellen Staller, Buz Buster, Bruce Staller. 

Special thanks to Harriett Cravens Bernard’55. Kathi Henry’53 and Gretchen Cacciotti’53 for working so hard to ensure their classes’ attendance.

But There Was A Downbeat…

They were supposed to attend the reunion but within days of each other we received messages that Gary Price, Robert McKinley and Tom Flournoy had serious medical problems and would not make the Reunion.  Glad to report that they’re on the mend and still among us.  Please email them your get well thoughts and your take on the Reunion.

Buz Buster on the Monrovia Tour
On Saturday, about 30 classmates and spouses participated in the Town Walking Tour. Marilyn and I started off at the new library. The staff was so helpful in showing us this great addition to Monrovia.

For those of you who did not go on the tour try to visit the library and take a look around. Don’t miss the Heritage Room - it has all the Monrovia High School Annuals dating back to the beginning up to the current edition.

Today, there is an art gallery on Lime, right across the street from Library Park. The gallery occupies the space once held by Burton's Hideaway, which was Bill Burton's dad's bar.  It is the only art gallery still open in Monrovia.  Quite a few more bars, though.

It was great that we had people that were born and raised in Monrovia because it was like a living history lesson of the town. One person would point out that their grandfather owned a certain store and they lived above it back in the 30’s and another would point out that there was a store such as McBratney’s and a whole flood of memories would come back. Everyone in the group would add their information and memories regarding downtown Monrovia making the walk a meaningful tour.   It was truly a wonderful experience.
Buz Buster
held at the Doubletree Hotel in Monrovia was a smashing success.  Over 75 grads and their spouses got reacquainted over cocktails and appetizers.

That bartender poured ‘em with a heavy hand at the Doubletree. Tony Saccoman and Don Polifka wisely sit next to the Lifesaver ring.

Memorybook maker Enid Arozena Busser’54 and Marlene Little Willet’54 recount 55 long years.

Marilyn and Buz Buster chat it up with Doctor Jack Kistler (center).  Jack’s still in practice in the Riverside area.

A pensive Scott Morris (center) pondering on the 35year old Bordeaux or the Two Buck Chuck.  You’re in Monrovia, Trader Joe’s Hq., Scott.  Take the Two Buck Chuck!

Bill Holmes took most of the pics of this party and the Santa Anita bash.  Thanks Bill. Thanks also to Judy Tope for sending along the pics her family took at Santa Anita and to Derwood Crocker for several sharp Sat. Eve. Shots.

Sandi Russell Pearson’54 and Pat Scott Lonon’54 were early arrivals and ready for refills.

Bob Tope’54, all the way from Alaska, Barbara Treydte Steggall’54 and Mariellen Matthews Staller’54 catch up on the last five years.

Barbara Prior Jameson’54, Jim Jameson’53 and Gloria & Gene Bishop’53 are all smiles at Friday’s party.  Jim went to West Point, retired as U.S. Army Colonel and then had a second career as a stockbroker.  Gene Bishop was a MAD yell leader and later served as president of California State Bank which he and brother, Tom ‘55, started.

Lyle’53 & Lorna Fleming greet arriving guests.
They now reside in Chico, CA, south of Groucho and west of Harpo.


Over 160 MAD Grads and guests gathered in the elegant Directors Room to celebrate at least 55 years since graduation.  Note the beautiful staircase whose use later in the evening would deliver a musical surprise to us all.

Ethyl Vance Wilson’53 and Don Polifka.  Ethyl brought down the house when she strode up to MC Infantino and loudly declared I’m here to tell you that I’m very much alive!  Seems our ’53 webpage had been misinformed of Ethyl’s demise.  Later in the evening, Ray went from table to table and had each alumni introduce himself.

Long time Arcadia classmates Chuck Williams’54, Derwood Crocker and Tom Tobin share the evening’s special glow.

Dick Bradburne, bro-in-law, Bob Tope’54 and his sis, Pricilla Tope Bradburne’54, share a laugh.

Fresh from a day at the races, Howard Krisvoy’54 and wife, Miko, chat it up Viola Feuhr Panman’53.


Judy Coleman Aronson’55, Audrey Crellen Beatty’53, Marilyn Jones Buster’56 and Carol Muffley Simms’54 get reacquainted in style.

Four 55ers ready to make it to the buffet.  Barbara Dollar’55 identified John Craigmyle and Alan Heritage as the guys to the left of Jimmy Olson and Hal Folts.  For her prompt identification of John and Al, Barbara wins two meatloaf dinners at Monrovia’s V&H Restaurant.  Well, Barb, the V&H has been closed for about 50 years.  The meatloaf available to us is more than a little green. How strong is your stomach? Can you come to CA as the FDA won't let the stuff across state lines?  Let Mariellen know at .

Leonard Wilmsen’54 tells Molly Hughes Holguin’54 and hubby, Vic, about moving north shortly before graduation.  


John Bianchi’55 and his lovely wife, Nikki enjoying Bob Huntington’s talk.  Bob eloquently spoke on the “Greatest Generation” and his remarks follow:

Many of you have heard of or read Tom Brokaw's best selling book "The Greatest Generation" written in 1999. It tells of some of the WW II heroes and their personal stories - stories of bravery, patriotism, self sacrifice, etc. And modesty!   Tom Brokaw writes:

At a time in their lives when their days and nights should have been filled with innocent adventure, love, and the lessons of the workaday world, they were fighting in the most primitive conditions possible across the bloodied landscape of France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, and the islands of the Pacific.

On the 40th anniversary of the allied landing at Normandy, Tom Brokaw began to see - and hear - the extent of their accomplishments.

As I walked the beaches with the American veterans who had returned for this anniversary, men in their 60s and 70s, and listened ta their stories, I was deeply moved and profoundly grateful for all they had done. I came to understand what this generation of Americans meant to history. It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.

I'm really pleased to introduce two graduates of MAD who were bonafide members of “The Greatest Generation"

Frank Bell, MAD Class of 1936 and wife Ramona. PLEASE STAND. Frank and Ramona are 91 and 90 years of age respectively and celebrated their 69th anniversary last July. Frank was shot down in WW 11- he actually lost one wing of his plane and his wife thought he was killed. They live on McKinley Place in a home they built 60 years ago. He sold his Monrovia insurance business to some lIupstart" or "punk kid" named Ray Infantino.

Bob Humble, MAD Class of 1948 and wife Marilyn. PLEASE STAND. Bob attended First Avenue School and MAD where he played football and ran track. He and Marilyn, also a graduate of MAD, have been married for 58 years. After graduation he joined the National Guard and went to Japan and Korea. He returned home in 1952 and continued with the military, completed the Command and General Staff College, and after 40 years of the military he retired as a Colonel.

Adding it up, here before you are four people with a total of 127 years of marriage!

These MAD graduates are our own home-town heroes of The Greatest Generation. We deeply appreciate your patriotism and sacrifice, the "sacrifice" meaning to the military, not marriage!


Frank & Ramona Bell celebrate Frank’s 72nd reunion and their 69th wedding anniversary.  Frank piloted an A-26 bomber over Germany during the closing months of WWII.  He was shot down but obviously lived to tell about it.

Bob’48 and Marilyn’52 Humble celebrate his 61st and her 57th reunions.  Bob served in the National Guard, Monrovia, and was called up for the Korean War.  He made the Army a career and retired with the rank of colonel. 

At the bar, but not a lawyer among ‘em, ‘54’s Chuck Sihler, Derwood Crocker, Bob Tope, Ray Infantino, Bob Huntington, Bruce Staller and Reggie Jack pause briefly for the camera.

Gene’53 & Gloria Bishop and 54er’s Ron & Barbara Griep Solar share a shining moment.

Jim’54 & Arlene’53 Fremeau and Pat Bennett Rankin’54  trading MAD recollections with Phil Smith’52.

Robert Schow, ’52 webpage editor Jane Nash Millet and hubby, Tom enjoying a laugh with Sally Nash (left).

Sally Nash listens as Jack Nash’54 and Joan Biddle LeBlanc’54 remember their days at Santa Fe Elementary School.

Jocelyn Orth Pyle’53 and Karen Wenzlaff Saunders’53 whoop it up as Judy Coleman Aronson takes the mike from Ray Infantino.\

A disappointed Phelps Wood ’54 listens intently as Beverly Gaebel Wood’55 tells him he may have but one dessert.

Buz Buster and Don Thomas’54 trying to figure what went wrong with their 8th race selection.

Committee Chair Ray’54 and Laurie Infantino are all smiles anticipating their move to La Quinta.

Former jockey, Wolfgang Backstretch, autographs Barbara Dollar Rogan’s’55 program as a smiling Hal Folts’55 looks on.  After leaving racing in 1965, Wolfgang took part in an experimental drug program that injected retired jockies with Human Growth Hormone.  Now 6’2” and 260 lbs, Wolf had a second career as a circus lion tamer.  “Once you’ve had the whip, you can’t give it up,” said Backstretch.

Background, left, Harriet Bernard Cravens, ’55webpage editor heads for the buffet as Tillie Tope Bradburne’54 and Rosemary Armstrong Brown find a seat.

Ken Clark & Margie Van Gundy Clark’54, relax, as Moe Witt’54 and Reggie Jack’54 argue the relative merits of brewski and merlot. A relaxed Cheryl Jack texts her daughter.  Editor’s note: for this pic we moved Moe to his left so he would not be in jeoprady under the horse’s tail.

Marilyn Nollac Spears’53, ‘53webpage editor Kathi Phelps Henry and Gretchen Kambeitz Cacciotti’53 are excited and surprised as….. 

And then, surprise.  A unit of the MHS Marching Band announces its arrival while wending its way down the stairs.  Now, reflect.  Who among us, at our age, would care to descend that stairway, your vision impaired and center of gravity compromised by that bass drum?

The band, under the direction of MHS Band Director, Daniel Magallanes, played school songs that we knew and many that we didn’t.  For many alumni its appearance was the evening’s high point.  Your committee made a generous donation to the MHS Band Fund administered by the Monrovia Schools Foundation.

And one more cheer from Yell Leaders Judy Coleman Aronson’55, Gene Bishop’53, Ron Linderman’54 and Buz Buster’54.

Finally, Isn’t this what reunions are all about?  Two old friends, a little worse for wear, sharing old memories and making new ones.  This reunion also differred from all our previous ones.  There were no living teachers present.

Now, please all stand for the MHS Alma Mater.  Thank you for coming and sharing this evening.  Arrive safely at your homes.  Keep your health and we’ll see you soon.


Lastly, you have the pleasure and sometimes sad responsibility to send us your news and new email and home addresses.  Please email to:

Mariellen & Bruce